Inside My World
Hi, I'm Kimi and these are my pictures.
I have a thing for eyes, lips, clouds, trees, and capturing people's emotions.


Anonymous asked:
Hi, I see you around school and I was just wondering what are your favorite places to shop? You see I've been looking for new places and I simply adore your style.

Come off of anon! I wanna know who this. Lol but anyway, I love a lot of places! Including: forever 21, urban outfitters, plndr, misskl, Dollskill, nastygal, buffalo exchange, etc. I basically shop everywhere. There’s a gem in every store.

me and my split ends

I don’t know why I keep posting pictures on here.

It’s not like anyone cares. lol

I guess, it makes me feel like I’m not just taking pictures for no reason.

It’s a place to express my love for my pictures.

I just wish people appreciated them as much as I do.

Oh well

even crazier sun/window
crazy sun/window
car ride
pine cone wonderland 
idk i really love branches
japanese/american dictionary